Self Calculating IRS Forms

Self-Calculating IRS Forms

pdf forms downloaded from the IRS with calcs added

About pdfTax

Have you ever wondered why the IRS doesn't add calculations to the pdf tax forms on their website? After all, some states such as Alabama, Ohio, and Oklahoma have done exactly that.

We don't know the answer to that question either, but we have added the calcs ourselves.

The pdf tax files on this site were downloaded from Calculations were then added with javascript to make them self-calculating. Then they were posted here for your use. In most cases you only need to enter the income, deductions, and credits you are claiming and the rest of the form will automatically calculate. Since these are the same forms as on (except for the calculations) you can use them to file your tax return. The yellow and red information boxes that you see on the screen will not print when the forms print.

Please read the terms of use before using the forms.

While it's entirely possible to enter your tax data on the forms in your browser window and have the forms calculate, it's highly recommended for security purposes that you first download the pdf files to you hard drive and then open them with Adobe Acrobat.

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